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Clinical Expert Health & Wellness

"I would highly recommend Gavin to anyone out there needing a copywriter. He was a pleasure to work with and was invaluable in the success of our new venture." 

'Helping Good People Do Great Things'

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In the Moment Copywriting

Hi, I'm Gavin - I'm a Health and Wellbeing copywriter. 


I'm also a practising Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist.

More about me here...


I write for health & wellness businesses that make a positive difference to the world. 


I'm in it for the good guys and gals!

Connecting the dots.
From health problem to health solution


In The Moment copywriting is here to focus on connections and solutions.


There is nothing more important to people than their health & wellbeing. Bar none. 


People are living longer but are facing new health problems.


Those who are fit and well want to know how to maximise their health and aim for long and happy lives.


The great news… there’s never been so many solutions for people.


But there’s also so much information that it can lead to 3 main problems:


  1. Too much information: It's hard to figure out what's useful

  2. Separating the good from the bad: It can be difficult to know what's reliable.

  3. Hard-to-understand language: Health language can be confusing and make simple solutions seem complicated.


People don’t want stats they want answers – there is a bridge to cross between health problems and solutions for the people who access them.


The bridge is the story!  It’s finding out what really matters to the person. 


How does it relate to them?  Why should they care?

Why should they invest in the product, idea, or service? 

And what would they gain (or lose) by trying it?


Through copy and content writing I can connect those dots for people. 


I can help them cross the bridge from problem to solution in a way they value and understand.


Contact me now to discuss how I could help you.



Keep reading to find out my simple process to impactful copy

The Copywriting Process


First enquiry and Discovery call

Send me an email or call and we can start to discuss where you’re at and where you want to go


We can begin with an informal call so you can tell me all about your business and what goals you have.


We can work out exactly how my copywriting will help you achieve your goals and begin to plan the next phase…


Your bespoke proposal - We create your customised copywriting package

Once I have a full understanding of what you need, I’ll provide you with a clear proposal including recommendations and timelines. 


Secure your project with a contract and deposit, then we move on to the next stage... 


Strategy call - Where the magic happens!

On this call we really explore your business and your brand. This is where I become your business’ super fan – I want to know all about what you do and who you serve. 


We outline exactly how to get you more customers, sales, or attention. 


We explore the problem you're solving and position you for success. 



Now that I have a clear understanding of what you need I’ll get to work!


And you…?


You can enjoy all that time you’ve saved by outsourcing your work.


At this stage you can relax, get some well-deserved rest, or turn your attention to something else. 


I’ll be hard at work crafting your bespoke copy that really speaks to your customers. 


Delivery Day

(+/- Revisions)

Your brand-new copy will arrive via email with a link to a Google Doc or Word file. 


You’ll get the complete copy package as well as opportunity to feedback and discuss revisions. 


The Big Day -


You’ll receive the final delivery on time, and the copy is all yours! 


I’ll include suggestions for formatting and visuals to make the copy POP!โ€‹


It’s time to share it with the world!


Finally, I’ll always check in and ask you for a testimonial.


"We've now been open 2 weeks and  seen a 25% increase in student numbers." 


"My name is Angus Rogers, I run a martial arts studio in south Wales called Heads of the Valleys Tang Soo Do.  Gavin designed an intricate and well-planned action campaign for our club expansion and opening of our new business called KIICK FIT.


This was a three-tier approach to our current students, former students, and potential new customers.


I was impressed with his level of detail and research , and his copy was tailor made to my needs.


The multiple documents he created were professionally constructed and easy to follow for distribution.

He designed a multi-layered but easy to follow marketing approach that I followed and have had tremendous success with since opening. 


Many of our current students have increased their monthly subscription band and we are having daily enquiries for new members."



Health and wellbeing Copywriter testimonial from martial arts class

Angus Rogers, Owner of Heads of the Valleys, Martial Arts Club

"Thank you for the copy. It's fantastic!It brings it home to me...I wouldn't be having these thoughts or realizations without your input. it's so important."

Keith Finn, Founder of Betterway2be, Yoga and Wellbeing Community

Photo of Keith Finn - business owner and physiotherapist

"Gavin is trustworthy, driven and inspiring. He has a growth mindset.

Gavin is approachable, a good listener, patient and supportive.


He does what he says he will do.


Gavin is passionate and puts his heart and soul into everything he does โฃ๏ธ"

Photo of Maria Dillon - blogger

Maria Dillon, Physiotherapist and Blogger

"Gavin was very responsive and completed the work on time.

The work was done to a very high standard and he followed the briefing document.

He responded well to feedback.

Would hire him again. " 

Health & wellbeing copywriter testimonial 5 stars
Photo of Andy Batters - SEO business owner

Andy Batters, Owner of Zesty Lemon, B2B SEO Optimisation

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